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Mitochondria Defense Shield  is a proprietary combination of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and enzymes working together to maintain DNA integrity and ensure proper cell function, protecting our bodies from aging and disease. 


Vitamin C prevents DNA mutation induced by oxidative stress, vitamin D protects cells from the production of reactive oxygen species that leads to cell damage, and vitamin K2 helps modulate mitochondrial dysfunction. Magnesium and OmniMin TM AC trace minerals enhance gene maintenance and protein formation as well as regulate blood oxygen levels, improve fatigue, and lower blood sugar. Found in this proprietary formation is one of the best flavonoid antioxidants, Quercetin. This antioxidant is beneficial for mitochondrial protection due to its ability to fight free radicals, prevent infection, reduce the risk of cancer, prevent neurological diseases, reduce the risk of heart disease, and fight off inflammation. Last but not least, Mitochondria Shield Defense also contains one very powerful ingredient, NAD+, one of the best anti-aging coenzymes that are already naturally produced in the body. However, when we age, our NAD+ levels start to deplete, which may lead to accelerated aging, chronic illnesses, heart disease, cancers, and cognitive decline. NAD+ works to increase energy and regenerate old, tired cells, thus reversing aging and age-related diseases. 

Dr. Christina Rahm


Dr. Christina Rahm is an internationally sought-after scientific leader, spokesperson, and innovator in health and wellness. She travels the world presenting, lecturing, and educating the private and public sector about the bold new world of nutraceuticals, wellness strategies, and environmental solutions. She has given lectures for John Hopkins Continuing Medical Education among many others.


Dr. Rahm has master’s and doctorate degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling Sciences Psychology, and Strategic Science. She has conducted postdoctoral studies at Harvard University in Bioscience Engineering and Nanobiotechnology and received certificates in Nutrition, and Pharmaceutical Management from Cornell University. She has served in positions like Chief Scientific Officer, Chairman of the Board of Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences, spokesperson and lab formulator for companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Jansen, DCZ Healthcare, Biogen, Idec, Alexion, and Root Wellness. Her International Book, “Cure the Causes” is being translated into 26 languages and she bas 12 more books in development. She is the Chairman of the Board for the International Science Nutrition Society which is in 65 countries.

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Clayton Thomas


As the founder of ROOT Wellness, a social sharing community platform addressing the root problems of today’s health issues, he focuses on detoxification and supplementation formulas. Clayton possesses a background in environmental and human health solutions and degrees in humanities with a focus in communications, business, and kinesiology. For the last 16 years, Clayton has focused on detoxification and supplementation formulas as well as a multitude of business ventures. 


Clayton possesses over 25 years’ experience in health and wellness. Growing up in an animal veterinary practice in southwest Washington, Clayton, has a unique background in integrative therapies and research science that started in animal health. Having a degree in humanities with a focus in communications, business and kinesiology, his broad studies have allowed for a history that includes research and formula development. 


An entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, he has developed business models of analytical testing in medical practices to improve quality of care by identifying risks of the big three diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity, with additional risk factors. 

Clayton has served as a business development specialist in every aspect of wellness: sales, distribution, formulation creation, consulting, manufacturing and now the architect of an entirely new method of business with the ROOT social sharing community platform. His mission is to help improve the world through scientific and business approaches. 

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The Root Brands is a nutraceutical and supplement company founded on the philosophy of identifying and eradicating the “root” cause of health issues.


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