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Boost Your Immune System with The Root Brand's Natural Barrier Support

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Wanting to Jump Start Your System? Try This. 

Natural Barrier support is “ground zero” for health and wellness. Packed with the essential elements needed to create a bubble of protection around the bodies immune system. Developed with innovative technology to increase the bio-availability and efficacy of the ingredients. This patent pending formula jump starts and supports the immune system.


Zinc is essential for the integrity of the immune system, with an important role in the maintenance, development and activation of cells during innate and adaptive immune responses. A potent antioxidant vital for immune defense actions via innate and adaptive immunity, vitamin C helps buffer these systems from oxidative damage. Vitamin C also supports normal development and function of immune cells, the inflammatory response, wound healing, and skin health. Optimal vitamin D3 levels can help improve your mood, boost your brain function, and generally improve your well-being. Packed with vitamin D3 to modulate immune function, vitamin C to promote a healthy immune response, and zinc to support the body’s defenses, this all organic, natural proprietary blend can be paired perfectly with any meal. 

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