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lead you out from brain fog and into laser-sharp focus.Keep your Happiness in the zone.


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Nootropics are natural supplements that are designed to improve mental performance and brain function. ZeroIn is a nootropic synergistic proprietary blend which safely and effectively improves your cognitive functioning in this powerful blend of nutrients, amino acids, and essential building blocks for a healthy brain. 


An all-natural adaptogenic nootropic (as we like to call it) blend of five adaptogens and two catalysts. Zero-In triggers the gut to produce both dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters. Increased dopamine and serotonin are associated with improved mood, razor-sharp focus, concentration, mental clarity, improve sports performance, creating a cool, calm, collected sense of wellbeing while also improving deep sleep and dreams. Zero-In’s proprietary formula is yet to find any comparable competition. 

Zero-In assists the body and its natural ability to:


  • Regenerate Microbiome

  • Improve Immune Response 

  • Balance production of dopamine 

  • Optimize sleep & circadian rhythm 

  • Enhance mood, relive stress, & tension

  • Improve recovery & physical performance

  • Improve endocrine functioning and sexual health

  • Increases focus, mental acuity, & cognitive functioning

  • Reduce risk of hypertension, heart failure, & metabolic syndrome

How it works


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